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Boba Plush Shop is the OFFICIAL Store for Boba fans.

We have unique designs that will bring new Boba Stuff & Merch to you!

Boba Plush Store: Your Cuddle Cup Companion

Welcome to Boba Plush Store, the haven for boba enthusiasts and plushie aficionados! We were born from a love so strong – the love for the refreshing taste of boba tea and the comforting embrace of a cuddly plush. We understand the urge to turn your favorite beverage into a huggable friend, and that's exactly what we provide!

About Us: Passion Stitched with Quality

Our story begins with a shared passion for boba's delightful flavors and the joy of plushie companionship. We translate that passion into meticulously crafted boba plushies, using high-quality materials that are soft, huggable, and built to last. Each plushie is meticulously sourced, ensuring every detail – from the plump tapioca pearls to the vibrant cup colors – captures the essence of your favorite boba drink. We're dedicated to providing top-notch customer service, ensuring your shopping experience is as delightful as a sip of your favorite boba.

Our Plushie Playground: Unleash the Cuteness

Get ready for a sugar rush of cuteness! We boast a vibrant collection of boba plushies, each one guaranteed to melt your heart. Explore our classic boba cup designs, featuring all your favorite flavors like strawberry, mango, and taro. We also have adorable character plushies dressed up in boba attire, perfect for fans who love a touch of whimsy. Need a boba companion on the go? Check out our keychain plushies, ready to clip onto your bag and join you on all your adventures. High-quality photos showcase every detail of our plushie friends, making it love at first sight (or should we say, first squeeze?)

New Arrivals: Fresh sips of Cuddly Fun

We keep things exciting with a dedicated "New Arrivals" section! This is where you'll find the latest additions to our boba plush family. Be on the lookout for brand new designs, limited-edition releases, and pre-orders for upcoming releases. Here's where you can snag the hottest boba plushie trends before anyone else!

Gifts & Bundles: Share the Boba Love

Boba plushies are the ultimate gift for any boba lover! In our "Gifts & Bundles" section, we offer pre-made bundles that combine your chosen boba plush with delicious boba candy, stylish boba mugs, and other boba-themed goodies. Feeling creative? We also allow you to build your own custom gift bundle, letting you curate the perfect boba plush present for your loved ones.

Customer Reviews: Sweet Sips of Satisfaction

What our happy customers say matters most! We feature a section dedicated to showcasing glowing reviews from satisfied boba plush owners. Their words speak volumes about the quality, cuddliness, and overall awesomeness of our plushie friends.

Contact Us: Let's Chat Boba!

We want to hear from you, fellow boba enthusiast! Our contact section makes it easy to reach us. Send us an email, leave a message, or connect with us on social media. We're always happy to chat about boba, plushies, or anything in between!


Boba Plush Store is your one-stop shop for all things boba plush! We offer a wide variety of cute and cuddly boba plushie toys in different designs, sizes, and features.

We have a wide selection of boba plushies, including classic boba cup designs, character plushies, keychain plushies, and more! We also offer gift bundles and allow customization options to create the perfect boba plush gift

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